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Mission of ScentsandTaste’s is to present Mediterranean wines and their history to wine Buyers from all over the world. And, more than this, the Companies (Cantinas), the areas, the land, the history and the scents surrounding the places.

Italy is a country with enormous differences between territories. From the Alps to Sicily, temperatures, climate and soil change completely, as does the morphology of the country. In the same way, the organoleptic components of wines change. But what all our wines have in common is our culture, which arises from millennia of history and from our great attention to production and quality.

In Spain, wine is produced in each and every one of the 17 autonomous communities, however, there are some regions better known than others for the quality of their wines and for their wine tradition. El Penedès one of the most important wine-growing areas in Europe. The Rioja area was the first Designation of Origin in Spain. Ribeira del Duero and Jerez are other famous areas for the quality of their wines and beautiful landscapes.


Scents and Taste is a global wine market place and a group of professional wine experts. We connect wine producers, sellers and buyers, creating the world wine business network. At Scents and Taste marketplace we can consult and solve your selling and buying challenges.

Having offices in Italy and Spain, we are the right partner for buyers interested in Mediterranean wines, and for Wineries interested to export their products all over the world. To satisfy all tastes of life with all choices at one place.

Global commerce has evolved dramatically over the past decade and we noticed that small and medium sized wine companies were finding it difficult to compete against large consolidated groups.

Scents and Taste was founded as a response to the underlying challenges that wine industry professionals face on a daily basis. With our integrated set of tools and services for wineries, our expertise in digital marketing, our members can easily attract and engage with potential business partners from around the world.


Graduated in Economics at University of Bologna, with a specialization in Marketing and Tourism.

A career in Export Management and International Business, started as Junior export manager to commercial and marketing General Manager and CEO.

Teacher of Promos Italia, of ICE (Italian Trade Agency) and Chambers of Commerce, on matters relating to international trade.

Part of the group of 100 Italian Export Professionals selected by ICE (Italian Gov. Trade Agency) as Digital TEM, to assist companies in their digital and commercial development process abroad.

Academic Member of IASA (International Academy of Sensory Analysis), Sommelier and  Wine Expert.


Fabio Tartarini

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