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What Mediterra means ?

Mediterra came from Latin mediterrāneus, from medius (“middle”) and terra (“earth, land”).

The term Mediterranean derives from the Latin word Mediterraneus, which means in the middle of the lands. The Mediterranean Sea has been known by various names throughout the history of humanity.
The ancient Romans called it, for example, “Mare Nostrum“, that is our sea (and in fact the Roman conquest touched all the nations facing the Mediterranean).

The term Mare Nostrum originally was used by the ANCIENT ROMANS to refer to the Tyrrenyan Sea after their conquest of the Mediterranea Islands (Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica) during the Punic Wars against Carthage. By 30 BC, Roman dominion had extended from the Iberian Peninsula to Egypt and mare nostrum began to be used in the context of the whole Mediterranean Sea.



DOCG means Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin.

DOC means Denomination of Controlled Origin.

IGT means Typical Geographical Indication.

All are types of denomination used for wines and which fall under the umbrella of European Denomination DOP (Protected Designations of Origin), in use in 2009. From that year the acronyms DOCG , DOC and IGT are considered “traditional terms” and can still be reported in the labels of wines in place of the official mention PDO, as in most cases.


In Italy we have the largest number of wines and agri-food products with denomination of origin and geographical indication (PDO and PGI) recognized among all the countries of the European Union. This is evidence of the strong bond that binds Italian excellences to their territories of origin, but it is also proof of the high quality of our products. The system of PDO and PGI designations of origin stimulates the production organization and the economy of the territory, to achieve excellence and protect the environment, because it requires the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity. Consumers find greater guarantees in products with designation of origin, thanks to the higher level of traceability and safety than products without designation.


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